Coordinates finder

With this 3 step tool you can easily get multiple addresses coordinates. It's fast, easy, and free to use!
How this tool works
Locate multiple addresses internationally instantly using Google Maps API geocoder engine. Take any kind of street address list and create a txt file (1 address per line), geocode the addresses to get latitude and longitude coordinates and export the results in a csv file. Your data (addresses) will be temporarily stored on our database only to be processed. At the end of geocoding process all data on our database will be deleted.
How should I format my geocoder queries to maximise the number of successful requests?
The geocoder is designed to map street addresses to geographical coordinates. We therefore recommend that you format geocoder requests in accordance with the following guidelines to maximise the likelihood of a successful query:
Unfortunately Google Maps API only allows a certain number of queries per day. At the moment you can process a maximum number of 100 addresses per file. Maximum lenght of each address: 200 charaters.
----------------------------------------------------- Step 1. -----------------------------------------------------
Create and upload a simple txt file: every row must contain an address to be geocoded for latitude and longitude coordinate information (city or complete address).
For example:
New York United States
New York United States Avenue of the Americas 150
Washington Pennsylvania Ave NW 10
This tool uses Google Maps API geocoder